Farmers in Jammu suffering losses, reveals RTI query

The farmers in Jammu region are suffering losses as they are getting fewer rates for selling their crop to government. 

As per RTI revelation, production cost of wheat and paddy grown in border areas of the region is much higher than government’s minimum support price (MSP) to the crop. 

The data said farmers in Jammu have suffered heavy losses in last four years by selling their produce at marginalized rates to the government.

The average cost for wheat production in Jammu is Rs 18.56 per kg, but as per government MSP sale price has been kept at Rs 15.56 per Kg.

Similarly production cost of rice is at Rs 14.39 per kg, whilst as per MSP selling price has been kept at Rs 15.20.

“In year 2014-2015, the production cost of wheat in Jammu province is Rs 2735 per quintals (27.35 per kilogram), while the minimum support price set by government to sell the ready crop in market is Rs 1450 per quintal (Rs14.50 per Kg). The farmers have suffered loss of Rs 12.85 per kg on its production,” revealed an RTI.

The data was provided by Joint Director Agriculture Jammu after an RTI filed was by activist and national president Kisan Welfare Organization Rohit Choudhary.

“In 2015-16 production cost of wheat was kept Rs 1450 per quintal, while MSP was Rs 1525, with marginal profit of Rs 75 per quintal. In 2016-17, the production costs again gone up to Rs 1630, while MSP was 1625 and farmers suffered loss of Rs 5 on every quintal. During 2017-18, the production cost for wheat was Rs 1611, while selling price was set at Rs 1625 earning farmers a marginal profit of Rs 14 on every quintal,” it said.

Similarly, MSP for rice for year 2014-15 was kept at Rs 1450 per quintal, while production cost for these two years was Rs 1731 and Rs 1255 respectively with farmers suffering a loss of Rs 87.

For 2016 and 2017 MSP was kept at Rs 1590 per quintal, whilst production cost ranged from Rs 1387 and Rs 1383 respectively, with farmers earning a marginal profit of Rs 205.

The reply also mentioned revised MSP announced by union government recently for wheat and rice for 2018-19 with MSP of rice raised by Rs 200. 

“We know about ‘sarkari daam’ (MSP) but production cost is much higher so it’s not beneficial for us,” said Choudhary.