Have full faith in Crime Branch: MLA

Have full faith in Crime Branch: MLA

‘If we won’t stand by the girl today, tomorrow the victim may be from other community’

The Bhartiya Janta Party MLA from Hiranagar, Kuldeep Raj, Sunday said he has complete faith in the Crime Branch that is probing the rape and murder of 8-year old tribal girl Asifa.

“The CB is the premier probe agency of the state and I don’t find any reason to criticize it. Our people also understand that. I know that when the challan would be produced in the court of law, justice will be delivered to the innocent people,” the local BJP MLA told Greater Kashmir.

Kathua district of Jammu province has witnessed protests in support of Sanji Ram, the alleged mastermind of the brutal rape and murder, and other accused including two policemen, with the locals belonging to the majority community demanding release of the accused. 

The MLA said that until the challan is produced in the court, the BJP has to face “a section of people protesting against the party in Kathua and Jammu with folded hands.”

“Those protesting against BJP too have the right to protest. We cannot stop them from protesting and I know that it will dent party’s image in Kathua and Hiranagar. But just because some people are protesting, we cannot raise fingers over our premier agency Crime Branch,” Kuldeep Raj said.

He further said that the rape of the minor girl in Rasana village of Kathua district has shocked him and many like him “as such a heinous crime has never been reported in Hiranagar.”

“It’s not about the religion of the girl. The question is that a girl was raped in Hiranagar for the first time. So the rapist deserves strict punishment. In case we will not stand by the girl today, tomorrow the victim may be from other communities. What will you do then?”

“So the people should not communalize this issue. They should wait for the verdict of the court. I know that the court as well as Crime Branch will do justice with people,” the MLA said.

He however said that during the course of investigation “some innocents were also picked up for questioning.”

“The innocents should not be harassed unnecessarily, otherwise people will lose faith in the law,” he said.