'Kashmir issue is creation of Nehru'

'Kashmir issue is creation of Nehru'

RSS, BJP want Article 370 to go

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its politically affiliated Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today stressed on changing ‘nations’ narrative on Jammu and Kashmir’ and scraping Article 730 to end special status to the state.

Addressing a right wing seminar on Jammu and Kashmir today, RSS Seh-Sarkayavah, Dr. Krishan Gopal said, “Kashmir problem was result of historical blunders but nationalist forces are fighting to end this all,”

“Kashmir issue was created by Jawaharlal Nehru-the first Prime minister of India for sake of his friendship with Sheikh Abdullah-first chief minister. Had Nehru allowed Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to handle J&K, the situation would have been different, it would have enjoyed peace like 526 princely states which had merged with India in 1947.”

“Article 35 (A), (which empowers the Jammu and Kashmir state legislature to define “permanent residents” of the state and provide special rights and privileges to them) was but backstabbing as this article was directly added to the constitution, without any discussion is parliament”, he said, adding, “Maker of the constitution Dr B R Ambedkar opposed Article 370, but his voice was unheard by Nehru, who was then riding on friendship of his Kashmir friend, and later sent him to jail”, he said. He said Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, was first person to take this problem outside Kashmir.

He said all these articles are hurdles in development of Jammu and Kashmir and many laws like, right to education, reservation for tribes and backwards right to education etc are not applicable in state in its original form.

 “When a Bengali was stopped at gate of Jammu Kashmir for not having required permit to enter in and later dies in jail, then the nation came to knows about Kashmir and its problem,” he said.

He added that now people are aware about problems of Jammu refugees, industries, amaranth yatra etc and people across the country start asking question about Kashmir.

He asserted that militancy is not any solution of any problem, north east  had seen worst armed era but now all the state of NE are completely militancy free and walking ahead on development path. Naxal movement is also in its ending stage, it is possible because violence has no place in the country. It stands on strong foundation of spirituality and Kashmir remains center of spirituality and motivating power for the whole country.

 Shyam Jaju, National vice president BJP said, “Jammu and Kashmir problem is known as Kashmir issue in all over the country. Atmosphere was created in the nation on the name of Kashmir issue but we have to change this narrative as it has wider impact”.

“We have to build the narrative that there is some issue in Kashmir while Kashmir is not an issue,” he stressed.

“Only five districts out of 22 district of Jammu and Kashmir are affected with turmoil. Out of total geographical area of the state, 86 percent portion is peaceful and people living there want development and progress. Only 14 percent part is affected, which doesn’t mean that whole state is in problem,” he said.

“Trouble in Kashmir is not only limited to Jammu- Kashmir. Its problem of whole nation, everybody is worried about it, discussing it and it’s have given a new dimension to nationalism and unison,” he said.

“If there was naxal movement in Bahir, nobody termed it as Bihar issue, if there are some issue in North East no body terms it as North east problem , so why labeling the incidents of Kashmir as Kashmir problem,” he added.