Kashmir won't be resolved by stone-pelting, says Mehbooba

Kashmir won't be resolved by stone-pelting, says Mehbooba

Says ‘like ‘Roza’, providing education to children our duty’

Sharpening her attack on Kashmir pro¬testers and “those instigat¬ing and provoking them”, the J&K Chief Minister Mehboo¬ba Mufti on Tuesday said the solution to the Kashmir issue cannot be found “on roads” or “by pelting stones” and “if it goes like this, Kashmir’s future won’t be bright.” 

The Chief Minister said if children “will be provoked to protest on roads and pelt stones, the day is not far when we will have an uneducated society with no doctors, no teachers, no professors, no engineers, and as such, no roads.”

“The children want to go to schools, colleges and become doctors, engineers, profes¬sors, teachers, let them do so,” she said, addressing a gathering after inaugurating a Dental College here. 

“Let bigger issues (Kashmir issue) be resolved by bigger people as this has to be done by them only and let children go to schools,” Mehbooba said, adding: “The place for children is not roads but schools, colleges, IITs, IIMs and other institutions.” 

Later, without making a mention of anybody, Mehbooba said: “There are lot of problems in Kashmir, we are focused there; we need your help.” 

She said without education, no society can move forward and its fortunes cannot be changed without education. “Islam says like ‘Roza’, providing education to boys and girls is also our duty,” she said. “Education is a must for taking any society forward and changing its fortunes.”