Kashmiri cops killed to discourage locals from joining forces: Jitendra Singh

Kashmiri cops killed to discourage locals from joining forces: Jitendra Singh

Minister of State in PMO Jitendra Singh on Sunday said that militants have been selectively killing the Kashmiri soldiers to discourage the local youth from joining forces. 

Commenting on the killing of 3 militants in Kulgam, he said, “Our forces should be commended for every achievement, one after the other. They’re successfully moving ahead in their anti-militancy operations and against their perpetrators.”

“But at the same time, we need to understand the new conspiratorial design of militants. They are killing Kashmiri security persons, be it DSP Ayub Pandit, Lt Ummer Fayaz, SHO Feroz Dar, Sepoy Aurangzeb or JKP constable Saleem Shah now. This trend is disturbing and we need to take serious note of this,” Jitendra said, while speaking to media persons during sidelines of a programme here.

“There is a conspiratorial design behind this. Militants are killing the Kashmiri soldiers in order to discourage the local youth from joining forces at a time when normal Kashmiri wants to be part of a developmental journey initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

He further said, “This trend is an eye-opener and it should caution us against the handful of self-styled protectors of so-called freedom or self-styled Kashmir centric leaders who have actually been unfaithful to the cause of their own people, who have ensured that their own children are living in safe haven and enjoying the best of both worlds.”    

“These self-styled Kashmir centric leaders have been using the poor man’s child from decades for their so-called freedom movement. And today’s harsh reality is that this poor man’s child wants to avail the opportunities being provided by Modi government in its 4 years of rule. But, militants are killing them as part of larger conspiracy as they don’t want the Kashmiri youth join forces or avail GoI provided opportunities,” the MoS in PMO said.