Kashmir's intellectual, elite joining BJP: President Ravinder Raina

President of Jammu and Kashmir Bharatiya Janata Party Ravinder Raina has claimed that BJP is expanding its base in Kashmir despite killings of its workers and leaders.

“BJP is expanding its roots in Kashmir where intellectuals and elite in the society are joining the party,” said Raina, condemning the the killings of the party leaders and workers in the militant attacks.

“In Kashmir, BJP has emerged as a powerful political party in every tehsil and at constituency level. We have strong organizational structure in Kashmir which is not being liked by the militants,” he said.

“Those who want to stop our political reach in Kashmir won’t succeed,” he added.

BJP organised a meeting of ex-MLAs and ex-MLCs during which the issue of security of BJP leaders in Kashmir was discussed and they sought security cover in vulnerable areas.

BJP senior leader Ashok Koul said that they have demanded security cover for the party leaders in vulnerable areas of Jammu and Kashmir.