Kathua youth vote for employment, peaceful environment

Overcoming the grudge of infamous Rassana rape and murder case , the youth of the village listed better job opportunities, more institutes of high learning and peaceful environment for business and leisure activities as their ‘wish-list’ for voting.

The young voters want upcoming lawmakers to change the narrative of discrimination and communal divide for a better tomorrow and make state’s development as their main agenda.

Rahul Kumar, a resident of Patta-Rasana, who cast his vote at Government School polling station at Damyal here, said he had exercised his franchise according to his conscience.

“From last one year our village (Rasana) faced worst. People got divided and alienated from each other. On my first vote I hope we will elect those candidates who will be able to bring harmony in society so that people can lead a peaceful life without any discrimination at any level.”

Raman Rajput, a first time voter of KathuaBasholi constituency, said: “People should vote for those who can really work in the interest of the people.”

Priya Sharma, a resident of village Banair in KootaPanchayat of Hiranagar assembly segment said she was excited as she was participating in the election process for the first time.

“Our vote is for better employment opportunities and nation building,” said Sharma, who was standing in a queue at a polling station in Dhamyal, Rasana.

Another first time voter Megha who cast her vote at Higher Higher Secondary School at Hiranagar here, said she wanted a stable government, which could take tough decision for betterment of society. She also said that the new government should create enough employment avenues for the youths.

“We are all concerned about jobs. Our district is bordering with Punjab. It remains peaceful throughout the year. The political leaders and lawmakers, we elect, should work on improving the employment scenario here so we grow industry,” she said.