LG, DGP should answer if militancy is over: Farooq

File Photo: Mir Imran/GK

National Conference (NC) President Farooq Abdullah Sunday said that Lieutenant  Governor Manoj Sinha and Director General of Police Dilbag Singh should answer “if militancy was dead” in J&K.

Speaking to journalists on the sideline of ‘Shiv Ratri Milan’ organised at Talab Tillo by displaced Kashmiri Pandits, Abdullah said, “The Lt Governor should answer if militancy is dead or not. The DGP, who everyday says militancy is over, should answer if militancy is dead or not. Farooq Abdullah doesn’t have to answer this.”

Responding to a question about the killings of dhaba owner’s son in Kashmir, Abdullah said, “It is very tragic. Those who shout from mountaintops that everything is hunky-dory in J&K, and bring ambassadors from foreign countries to show how good it is, should answer this, not Farooq Abdullah.”

About the target and selective killings, Abdullah said, “They will continue to do this. This is not going to end just because you and I say that it should end. They have to find the cause of these things and why it is happening.”

He said that the cause of militancy needs to be treated.

“It’s a patient. How can I tell without giving a medicine to the patient that you are going to be alright? The treatment is that they, not Farooq Abdullah, have to sit down and find a solution,” Abdullah said.

He said he wants Congress to be strong and united to fight against divisive forces of the country.

“The Congress must unite and become strong. People look forward to Congress,” he said.