NC committed to give big push to employment, employability: Rana

Reiterating that National Conference is committed towards youth empowerment,  party provincial president Devender Singh Rana on Saturday pledged that on forming the government aggressive push will be given to providing jobs to educated unemployed.

“The process of recruitment and generation of job opportunities have received huge dent in recent years with youth finding themselves pushed to the wall”, Rana said while addressing workers here.

He regretted that the BJP could not convert its huge 2014 mandate towards addressing to the peoples’ problems especially the youth. On the contrary, the vistas of opportunities generated during the tenure of Omar Abdullah led government in terms employment and employability were consigned to archives, leaving the aspirants in lurch by shrinking their avenues. He referred to the programmes like SKEPWY, Udaan and Himayat and said these had generated hope but political myopism came in the way thus retarding employment growth particularly in the Jammu region.

The educated youth, he said, are feeling fatigue due to lack of jobs and whatsoever available got distributed among kin and favoured ones during the insensitive PDP led coalition of over three years.

Rana said Jammu people faced the major brunt of BJP’s administrative inertia, which is reflected in developmental deficit and lack of utility services in key sectors like power and drinking water. The lackadaisical attitude towards implementation of various flagship programmes like Smart city and raising of health infrastructure under mega AIIMS pattern apart from routine works speak volumes about the sincerity of the self-styled Messiahs of Jammu.

The provincial president said that the BJP has become synonymous to betrayal in Jammu with local leadership having lost their credibility and efficacy. He said the people had pinned many hopes with their representatives who instead of performing on ground zero created a chaotic situation leading to dissolution of the assembly half-way. Such a betrayal is insult to Jammu pride and mandate, he said, adding that the people will give a befitting lesson through their power of vote.

 “Except for emotive slogans, the BJP offered nothing to Jammu”, he said and spelled out its failures on all fronts. He said the BJP has been exploiting the Jammu sentiment for the past nearly seven decades and when time of reckoning came, they betrayed and back-stabbed the people. He said the promise of better tomorrow has transformed into a nightmare, as the BJP has reneged on every single statement and promise they made before, during and after the elections.