NC, PDP shedding crocodile tears over plight of Jammuities: Jitendra Singh

Union Minister, Jitendra Singh on Monday said that National Conference and PDP were shedding crocodile tears over the plight of Jammu which was an outcome of “regional discrimination and injustice meted out to Jammu during over four decades of rule by these two political parties.”

Singh, who arrived at the winter capital, for BJP election committee meeting to discuss probable candidates for ensuing District Development Council (DDC) elections, was responding to the two days of “continuous and intense sympathising with Jammu by the National Conference and PDP leaders.”

He alleged it was during the National Conference and PDP rule that the “civil secretariat was systematically filled with employees from one particular region ignoring the rights of Jammu and Public Service Commission was manipulated to fill all the vacancies including those in professional colleges and higher education teaching institutions in such a way that the candidates from Jammu were left out by design.”

Referring to the “crocodile tears” shed by PDP and National Conference leaders over the daily wagers who, according to them, were on roads, Singh said the question to be asked is who was responsible for bringing them on the road.

He said it was a commonly known fact that the Ministers in the successive governments had “doled out jobs for cash and bluffed the innocent  youth by temporarily appointing them through the back door with the false assurance that they would become automatically permanent.”

“ If these governments were so sincere, why did they not  regularise these employees during their tenure. It was  because they were aware that this would invite litigation and also anger from the unemployed youth who were waiting for regular jobs through the normal selection process,” he said.

The Modi government, Singh said, was committed to redress each of the issues one by one. “But let us not forget that this is a baggage of the last 70 years and will require at least 70 months to be cleared,” he said.