New J&K recruitment rules for class-IV jobs unjust: Rana

National Conference provincial President, Jammu, Devender Singh Rana Thursday described the notification on recruitment rules for appointment to Class-IV posts in J&K as “unjust” for locals, saying this will further shrink scarce avenues of jobs for the youth of the remote and far flung areas.

“Class-IV posts form lowest rung in the hierarchy of government sector jobs with lowest pay ranges and usurping these tantamount to denial of justice to youth and virtually snatching morsels of meals from the mouths of poor,” said Rana.

He said wisdom behind earmarking these posts with preference to the locals of the areas where vacancies become available was not only to secure their interests but ensuring smooth functioning of the offices too.

Rana said assigning just 10 additional marks in the district cadre posts to locals of the districts was a “cruel joke”, primarily because a candidate from the remote and far flung area was not expected to compete with urban counterpart, who wields more exposure and perhaps level of education.

“Since there is absence of level playing field between the two, the candidates from the rural, remote and far-flung areas may not stand the competition despite getting some additional scoring points and hence they may miss the opportunity,” he said.

Rana termed the rules as “demoralizing for vast chunk of population”, especially the permanent residents and sought immediate roll back of the notification in the larger interest of unemployed youth who stand pushed to the wall due to burgeoning unemployment.