Opposition parties, locals join hands to oppose Lakhanpur Toll Plaza

Opposition parties, locals join hands to oppose Lakhanpur Toll Plaza
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The opposition parties and locals have joined hands here to oposoe the Lakhanpur Toll Plaza on Jammu-Pathankot highway.

"Today, we launched a signature campaign at Lakhanpur opposing the Toll Plaza where over 2,000 people put in their signature demanding its removal," said Youth Chairman, All Party Toll Plaza Action Committee, Sunny Sharma.

Sharma said they will intensify the agitation against the Toll Plaza and call for a bandh in coming days.

"There is resentment against the government among the youth of the district. Many have lost their jobs due to lockdown, price hike of essential commodities and petroleum products. Multiple issues have compelled youth to come on the roads," said Sharma.

Prominent social activist, ID Khajuria said people were worried about their future. "They are discussing what has happened post August 5," he said.

Senior BJP leader and ex-MLA from Kathua, Rajeev Jasrotia admitted there was resentment among people and they have conveyed these concerns to the party.

"People are facing problems because they travel on the route on a daily basis. They have expressed concerns due to constrained budget. Everybody is concerned about it and it is not only the issue of BJP leaders in Kathua," said Jasrotia.

Kathua district is the stronghold of BJP where people have opposed installation of Toll Plaza. The move has gradually given opportunity to the opposition political parties to come on one platform and join hands with locals over the issue to target the BJP.

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