'Out of power' Taj says NHPC invoking 'nationalism'

'Out of power' Taj says NHPC invoking 'nationalism'

A senior Congress leader has accused New Delhi of playing ‘dirty politics’ during Congress rule to safeguard interests of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) in Jammu and Kashmir.

Congress leader and former Irrigation and Flood Control Minister, Taj Mohiudin cautioned PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayed to remain vigilant about, what he said, the ill designs of the Corporation, saying they (NHPC) were invoking ‘nationalism’ card in New Delhi to suppress Kashmir’s mainstream leaders seeking power houses back.


Talking to news gathering agency KNS, Taj accused Union Home Ministry, particularly the then Home Minister P Chidmabaram of victimizing him for digging the facts regarding the ‘lost’ file of agreement on Salal Project.


“Though J&K is part of India, still it (New Delhi) was treating Kashmiris as aliens when it came to the rights. Any Kashmiri leader who raises dissent is branded as anti-nationalist in approach and is being marginalized,” he said.


“In a way, the stand of separatists is vindicated that New Delhi has set different rules for J&K and rest of India. I was not only marginalized but victimized by the then Home Minister for launching tirade against NHPC,” the senior Congress leader claimed.


“The way I was treated within my own party after my initiatives to trace the lost file on Salal Power Project is the testimony that GoI was never serious in handing over power projects back to the state,” asserted Taj, adding that conspiracies were being hatched by NHPC in New Delhi against the Kashmiri leaders to thwart any move aiming at the return of these projects.


“None of the agreements between NHPC and state government give ownership to NHPC and as per agreements, they have to transfer the projects back to the state government after a fixed time. But unfortunately they don’t do that, neither is GoI willing to make them do so,” Taj said and claimed his recent loss in elections was ‘engineered’ by NHPC and New Delhi to marginalize him further.


He, however, said that he has finally been able to set the records straight even if numerous attempts were made to stop him from reconstructing the agreement file on various power projects.


“It is a complete build up case now. Cabinet has given its approval to seek back the Salal and Uri-1 project from NHPC. It has even agreed to approach Supreme Court if NHPC shows reluctance in handing over the projects on depreciation cost,” claimed Taj.