Panchayat, Municipal By-polls|CEO convenes meet of political parties

Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), J&K Hirdesh Kumar held a meeting with representatives of political parties regarding conduct of Panchayat and Municipal By-elections.

The CEO apprised all the representatives of political parties about the conduct of the election, saying all the preparations have been finalised, including providing all logistics and procurement of election material. The Panchayat By-election will be conducted through ballot boxes on non-party basis, whereas Municipal election will be conducted on party basis through M2EVMs. A detailed scheduled in this regard will be issued shortly.

He said the continuous updation of Panchayat electoral rolls from January 1 was under process with the aim that no eligible voter to be left behind unregistered.

Several issues were raised by the representative of parties including deferment of the election due to COVID19 , provision of adequate security as per actual threat perception and need without any party affiliation, and conducive atmosphere for the conduct of elections.