People pin hope on Azad for development

Greater Kashmir

Bhaderwah, Apr 22: Having recovered from the fits of deprivation, which the constituency was afflicted with due to the continuous neglect of the previous governments, people in Bhaderwah sub-division seem longing for peace, prosperity and overall development of the area.
Bhaderwah conventionally termed as ‘Chhota Kashmir’ as far as its natural beauty is concerned and on account of possessing high literacy rate also called as the Kerela of the state has lagged behind in this fast growing world of science and technology in almost every sphere of development and people of the area allege that the previous regimes had deliberately placed the area at a great disadvantage and the lopsidedness in its developmental scenario can be gauged by analyzing the dilapidation of roads, basic amenities of life like poor communication network and underdeveloped educational institutions, but with Ghulam Nabi Azad having taken the affairs in the state, people here feel that a ray of hope has sneaked into the otherwise bleak region.
“Ghulam Nabi Azad has always played a significant role in the development of this area even when we had not given him any vote”, said Bashir Ahmad Zargar- a business man by profession, adding that no other leader has ever cared of Bhaderwah.
Another prominent citizen Abdul Hafiz Khateeb stated that water, electricity, road connectivity to far off villages, under staff hospitals and dispensaries, doctor specialists and above all growing unemployment are some major issues before Azad which are to be sorted out as he is the only source who can come up with some concrete solution of it, he added.”
“You know that the people of Bhaderwah need good education for which reputed educational institutions with modern facilities and the existing schools must be upgraded where the infrastructural shortcomings are the hurdles in the way of extending good education and as of now are running short of the staff and equipments,” demanded a well known poet and educationist Muhammad Alyas Malik.
Retired Principal GGM Science College Jammu Jia Lal Kotwal was of the view that Azad who also happens to be his student is the person who dares to attend the problems of the people of this ignored region and demanded from him that in view of the grave challenge of growing unemployment, small scale and medium scale industries should be set up which can provide employment opportunities to the job seeking youth who have got frustrated because of the prevailing compulsions of life, he further observed.
“16 year long insurgency did not spare even this part of the state and brought large scale death and destruction and mainly the developmental sector got severely affected whose reminiscent are before us in the form of burnt schools, hospitals, hostels, tourist huts etc., now with Azad having become the CM of Jammu and Kashmir, people expect much from him especially in exploiting tourism potential, local artistry, crafts and architecture,” aspired Dayanand Zutshi- a hotelier adding that pilgrimage tourism has ample opportunities to flourish here as Bhaderwah imbibes a rich religio-cultural legacy and the religious places like Vasuki Dham, Kailash Kund, Subhar Dhar, Nagni Dhar, Shrines and Bhadarwah Machail areas can be included into the tourism map on the pattern of Vashno Devi Shrine and Amar Nath in Kashmir which might open gates of employment to thousands, he further demanded that Bhaderwah Bani Basoli road, Bhaderwah Chamba Himachal interstate road and Bhaderwah Jai Gandoh, Bhaderwah Jai Kahra roads be opened for traffic for which adequate funding is direly required which resultantly would ensure the inflow of tourists and other people from other parts of the country, Zutshi further added.
It is equally mentionable that a considerable population lives in the depth of vast Bhallesa area who remained backward for the last 6 decades obviously because of the non-availability of the road connectivity, modern civic amenities like telephone, medicinal facilities and better schooling for their children. The area comprising habitations like Jai Kahra, Betola, Budhi, Halaran, Kencha, Cheera etc. in the north eastern part; Kilhotran, Bisran, Changa, Soti, Gandoh, Kanthi and Barghi on the southern part of the vast land. The people have been living a life of the primitive man because of the non-availability of the human resources means of upliftment and above all as a result of nullified communication system, a prominent social worker of Bhallesa Ghulam Hussain Bhal while expressing hope with the present CM said that they have put forth him only the demands such as connecting whole of Bhallesa with Bhaderwah via Kilhotran, Kanthi Katari Sharakhi road beside linking this part to Kahra, Johra, Jai and Gandoh Barhi Jai roads so that the people in the two otherwise isolated land part be reconnected to once again resume their age old business.
Another bulky portion of the constituency is Chiralla belt extending from upper Shiva, Jagotta, Behlla, Sonar Thawa, Gosti to Chiralla Bhaja, the people here have the similar demands that the said region is Bhaderwahi speaking has had cultural relations and other linkages with Bhaderwah which surprisingly separated by the political parties for their personal interests resulting in the stultification of this region in terms of its development in all spheres rendering it as backward. They are demanding that this region be connected to Bhaderwah via Tourist Spot Suhardhar and Chinta valley.
Here at Bhadarwah, the burning demand that lies with the business community is that they be rehabilitated and given proper compensation as they have got uprooted as a result of the widening of the bazaars of Bhaderwah. Yaqoob Ganai- a businessman demanded that only the source of livelihood with them was their shops which have come under demolishment by R&B department and neither they have been given compensation in keeping with the values of their shops nor rehabilitated as was assured to them by the govt. adding further that a Sabzi Mandi area be localized for the grocers who too are jobless these days.
Since there is traffic congestion in the main township and people have to face hardships, I request the govt. especially Azad sahib to please order for construction of a bus stand at an isolated place to ease the rush that the metadoors have already caused and the extent of pollution in the heart of township has aggravated, demanded Bodh Raj Manhas who happens to have a shop on the bussiest Jai Road market.
Recently Azad during his foundation stone laying ceremony for Bhadarwah University Campus had been presented with a number of representations demanding overall development of this neglected corner of the state stressing on the need to explore the possibilities and ways to give a vent to the growing frustration among the youth as a result of the unemployment.
The awesome extent of the hopes staked by the people, this area could be justified by the fact that even the school children, oldest of the old whether men or women were seen in queues in jubilant mood with play cards in their hands had given a rousing reception to Ghulam Nabi Azad on his arrival to the venue all along the routes on the day he was to file his nomination papers on 7th of this month. The people have high expectations that the announced university campus would definitely be converted to a full-fledged University.