People's Govt should be formed through polls in J&K: G H Mir

Apni Party senior vice president Ghulam Hassan Mir Saturday said that people’s government should be formed through elections in J&K.

A statement of Apni Party issued here quoted Mir as saying that the people of J&K had been disappointed with the way the administration was working.

“The developmental activities are going on at a snail’s pace. The public delivery system is very poor and it has further added to the alienation of the people from the government even as efforts are being made by the Government of India to provide all support,” Mir said speaking at a joining programme of various political activists into Apni Party.

Welcoming the newcomers, Mir said that the bureaucratic attitude of the officials had marred the developmental policies and programme of the Government of India.

“The people are not paid heed to by the officials and the civil secretariat has become unapproachable for the common masses,” he said calling for assembly elections and handing over the government to elected representatives in J&K.