PK boycotts APD for not getting 'enough' time

Greater Kashmir

Jammu, Sept 21: Punan Kashmir Tuesday decided to boycott, after the district administration accorded ‘merely ten minutes’ time to its members to meet the All Party Delegation                      (APD).
Irked over the time limit put on the  invitation, the members of Punan Kashmir   decided to stay away and do not meet the delegation, saying that they were humiliated by the administration and the state government.
“We (PK members) were asked to meet the delegation for only ten minutes, which is an insult to the nationalists,” said Ajay Charangu, president, Punan Kashmir, while adding that during this short period how we could have been able to project our demands before the All Party Delegation.
“We wanted to meet the delegation alone but were not allowed to do so. Instead, the members of Punan Kashmir were clubbed with other people making the meeting meaning less and it forced us to boycott the meeting,” alleged Ajay Charangu.