Rana for proactive initiative to combat COVID19

Expressing concern over alarming spike in COVID19 cases in J&K, National Conference provincial President Devender Singh Rana Saturday urged the administration to take proactive steps to combat the situation.

“While frontline workers are doing exemplary job in fighting the virus at the peril of their own and families’ lives, there are certain gaps which need to be bridged,” said Rana, in a statement.

Rana said the shortage of oxygen and dysfunctional ventilators in the hospitals, creating bottlenecks in the treatment, were a matter of grave concern.

He referred to complaints of unhygienic conditions prevailing in the quarantine centres and urged the government to take immediate corrective steps. 

Rana said shortage of supplies at this critical juncture was unacceptable and the health administration should wake up to the medical exigency and work out action plans keeping in view the requirements on day to day and even hour to hour basis.

He said the obtaining situation calls for emergent and extraordinary measures in terms of strengthening diagnostic facilities, pharmaceutical supplies and manpower to address the trend.

“Of course, much is needed to be done by the people by observing preventive protocols like maintaining social distance and wearing masks to meet the challenge,” he said.

Rana said private hospitals and nursing homes should also be roped in to supplement the efforts in containing the infection. “In fact, these health care facilities should volunteer services for the service of mankind,” he said.