Rana pitches for GI tags to Basholi paintings, Jammu Rajmash

Welcoming the accord of Geographical Indication (GI) tag on Saffron and Pashmina of J&K, National Conference provincial President, Devender Singh Rana Saturday pitched for bringing Basholi paintings and Jammu Rajmash in the list.

In a statement, Rana said the move will not only help preserve and promote them, but it will also enable to convert the specific avocations as an opportunity to lift the economy of the region and to benefit thousands of farmers and artisans engaged in these activities.

“This will be recognition to these products that have potential to flourish once provided a larger canvass,” said Rana.

He said though Jammu was rich in various products and crafts like Jammu Rajmash, Anardhana, Dogri Pagdi and Ambal, yet to begin with Jammu Rajmash and Basholi paintings could be listed for the GI tag as a mark of recognition.

Rana recalled how grant of GI tag enabled RS Pura Basmati to hit the premier US and Middle East stores after lifting the ban on its inter-state movement while Basholi paintings were famous for vigorous use of primary colours and a peculiar facial formula of 17th and 18th centuries.

Rana vehemently urged the administration to consider grant of GI tags initially to Basholi paintings and Rajmash  which will incentivize those engaged in these activities, inspire others especially the youth to get involved in these avocations and above all turn out as an engine to boost the regional economy.