Rana reiterates demand for 'autonomous' regional councils

Rana reiterates demand for 'autonomous' regional councils

Terming the criticism on devolution of powers to different regions of the state as frivolous, National conference senior leader and provincial president Jammu, Devender Singh Rana Tuesday said it is a reality that each region and sub-region in Jammu and Kashmir has peculiar aspirations on account of development and progress, which need to be taken care of. 

“Therefore autonomy and devolution of powers to, what I have said, elected autonomous regional administrative set ups and elected autonomous district councils under the overall supervision of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, as one entity, will be in consonance with the vision of our stalwarts to provide equitable opportunities of progress and development to all the three regions and sub-regions. This will end the perceived sense of alienation and discrimination within the regions,” Rana told local news gathering agency CNS.

Pertinently, JKLF chief Muhammad Yasin Malik had criticized Rana’s regional council proposal accusing him of promoting RSS agenda.

Asked how he views possible PDP-BJP alliance, Rana said NC believes that Peoples Democratic Party, having emerged as a single largest party in the recently held assembly elections, is under obligation to form the government, especially keeping in view the massive participation of voters in democratic exercise.

 “We had offered support—unconditional support—but PDP had its own compulsions, and rightly so, because they were in a pact with BJP, much ahead of the elections, to forge an alliance post elections. The extreme positions taken by the two parties against each other was just a facade, to hoodwink public opinion and garner as much support as they could by inciting passions on the basis of region and religion,” Rana said adding that how they PDP-BJP proceed ahead is their prerogative. CNS