R&B deptt in dock over delay in completion of project

Several projects being executed by Roads and Buildings (R&B) department have witnessed cost overrun as the executing agency has failed to complete them on time.

Highlighting the concern, Director Finance, Public Works Department has raised objection to initiation of works without clearance, and delayed completion and cost escalation.

To improve the system, the department has been advised to formulate an annual plan. The Director has asked the officials to get clearance before starting the work so that the projects can be completed on time without delaying the developmental activities.

In a circular, it has been observed that various works have been planned and initiated were availability of land was not ensured and forest clearance or “No Objection Certificates” (NoC) from the regulatory authorities were not sought.

“As a result, the projects got stuck midway which leads to the cost escalation due to the non completion of the projects,” reads the circular.

An official said in some cases projects could not be completed due to expenditure issues. “Such projects which are not being completed as per timelines due to various encumbrances and cost escalations have been viewed very seriously by the government,” the official said.

After reviewing reason for delay in projects, the official said “We have advised all the concerned field or executing agencies as well as integrated resources divisions of the department that while finalizing the action plan, only those projects should be the part of the plan documents which have ground clearance.”

The ground clearance include the plan should be free from all encumbrances, land availability certificate, funds required, if any, for the forest or land compensation, shifting of utility, Detailed Project Report (DPR) and NoC from the regulatory authority.