Security, political issues inter-dependent in democratic set up: Chrungoo

BJP state spokesperson on Kashmir Affairs, Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, on Monday said that the recent declaration of the government that the number of the over ground workers, connected with militancy is ten times the number of active militants in the state, is a serious issue.

In a statement here Chrungoo said, “In fact, the presence of the OGWs is a perpetual security threat not only to the state as a whole but also to the society at large.  The data prepared by the State Crime Record Bureau reveals that there is a ration of 1 to 20 between militants and OGWs. As long as the OGWs enjoy freedom to act and work behind the scene militancy will survive.”

Chrungoo maintained that the security and political issues are inter-dependent in a democratic set up. There needs to be a permanent and long standing relationship between the political thinking and security related concerns. “J&K being a border state and also strategically a politically volatile zone, threat to the internal security is a larger threat to the social base of the political edifice. These OGWs need to be booked as per the law and brought before the law of the land as soon as possible,” he added.

“The CID and Crime Branch are doing splendid job by making people in authority accountable to the people. It is hard to believe that a past minister will be interrogated by the CB for serious irregularities committed during his tenure as Public Works Minister and allotment of contracts for the JK Project Construction Corporation. The allegation that the said Minister granted contracts to a specific set of contractors and making some appointments without following due process is a very serious issue that needs through probe. There are similar allegations against some other politicians, bureaucrats and other officers who have shown no regard to the rules. They allotted work to their ‘own people’ in various government departments of the state while sidelining norms and practice. The whole allegations need to be brought on the preview of the Crime Branch,” he added.   

Chrungoo said that the Modi government needs to be complemented for making India a space star particularly in context of the launch of Chandryan-II. “It is not only a great feat in the field of advance scientific research and development but it also paves way for further exploration of the celestial bodies in the sky.” He also congratulated Hima Das, India’s “Golden Flying Eagle” who won 5 gold medals in international athletic meets in a span of 20 days.