Smart City still a distant dream

Smart City still a distant dream

As against required 5000, a mere 2100 safai karamcharis sanitizing city

The talks of developing Jammu as smart City fall flat on ground when one comes across the figures that there are a little over 2100 safai karamcharis in the city as against the minimum requirement of at least 5000 for effectively carrying out sanitation and other works.   

“For 71 wards of the city, we have around 2100 to 2200 safai karamcharis due to which the sanitation can not be carried out the in the way it should be”, a senior official of the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) informed Greater Kashmir.  

He added, “Practically, the wards are also not 71, but the number is 85, as many wards have been divided into parts as A, B, C etc in accordance with the size”. 

The officer said, “For developing Jammu as Smart City, there is a requirement of at least 5000 safai karamcharis”, and added, “We need at least one safai karamchari for 50 households only then Jammu can be developed as a Smart City”.  

Meanwhile, Municipal Vetrinary Officer (MVO), Dr Zaffar Iqbal, when contacted said that the corporation certainly needs more safai karamcharis for effectively carrying out sanitation in the city.  

“As per standards, you require one safai karamchari for 50 households only then results will be visible on the ground”, he added.  

Meanwhile, sources informed that the JMC at present deputes safai karamcharis in accordance with the area of the ward, whereas it should be in proportion with the number of families in a particular area. 

 “In Jammu City, there are a lot of families from different areas of the state and outer states who are living in rented accommodations but there is no account of such families”, a senior official of JMC said.  

He added, “In such a scenario the safai karamcharis have to be deployed keeping in view the number of families and not size of a particular area”.  

Only this way, the city could be sanitized in real terms otherwise, you will not get the desired results as are required for calling Jammu as a Smart City, the officer added.