Unemployment rising in J&K: Sadhotra

Greater Kashmir

National Conference today said that the anti-youth policies of BJP Government in Centre and Jammu and Kashmir have given fillip to unprecedented unemployment which has added further frustration and alienation among youth.

“It is high time to check rising unemployment and provide mass-employment avenues to the youth and it has added frustration and alienation among youth is not in the national interest,” alleged former minister and senior National Conference leader, Ajay Kumar Sadhotra.

Addressing a public meeting of youth at Jaswan in Marh, Sadhotra further alleged that BJP is in habit of giving hollow slogans and slogan of giving Rs 2 crore employment every year to youth in the country since 2014 has created an atmosphere of frustration and alienation.

“Our youth are future of our country, if BJP for the sake of votes is making false promises with youth. BJP should keep in mind that by making such false promises BJP is making the future of the country dark which is not in the National interest,” Sadhotra.

He further said covid-19 has further increased the problem of unemployment many folds but BJP Govt has utterly failed to rise to the expectations of the youth and it has turned deaf ear to the burning and just problem.