3 youth launch website for info on COVID19

Three young web designers from Kashmir have developed a website to keep people informed about COVID19 spread in J&K.

Haider Ali, Mudasir Ali and Vikas Bukhari launched the website ‘covidkashmir.org’ on Wednesday. 

Haider, a student of Computer Science said they got in touch with each other on social media and decided to make some web tools in the wake of pandemic to keep people informed about the disease and its spread in Kashmir.

“Before launching the website, we developed a simple webpage containing data about COVID19 cases in J&K,” he said, adding the website also gives helpline numbers along with the list of doctors on call released by the health authorities.

The trio has turned these web pages into a full-fledged website called covidkashmir.org and added various other options.

 “All the information on the website is updated continuously. We have also put on it the data from the World Health Organization about frequently asked questions. We have recently added a map to the website which gives district-wise information about the spread of the infection,” he said.

Mudasir had earlier made a COVID19 tracker webpage independently on his website mudsirali.com. 

“On the page, I updated people about the cases of COVID19 in J&K. The page link was doing rounds on social media and many people were praising the move,” Mudasir said. “We all have to get together and do our bit to fight the deadly virus,” he said.