5000 students to be trained for coding, robotics during NIIT's online programme

5000 students would be trained for coding and robotics during an online programme of NIIT, Srinagar, the organizers said on Sunday. They said that NIIT, Srinagar has inked an MoU for partnering with schools of Kashmir to train students for Coding and Robotics online.

NIIT, Srinagar, an organizational unit of NIIT Ltd New Delhi has started this initiative to train these students at zero training fee. Recently, NIIT announced its plans to train and mentor 5000 students for Coding and Robotics across Kashmir amid COVID-19 pandemic. NIIT will be the training partner to aspiring schools across Kashmir and roll out the initiative across 100 schools within 6 months. They said that further information in this regard can be availed form the Srinagar unit of NIIT. “Through this initiative we aim to create urge in young minds of Kashmir. Coding and Robotics course in India have a proven record. It has proven 75 per cent increase in logic, 3 per cent increase in abstract thinking, significant increase in problem solving and decision making,” said Sofi Feyaz Ahmad, founder and chairman, NIIT Srinagar.

“So we would not let the students of Kashmir sit on the backseat. We have already executed the first phase of the trainings with some schools ad it would continue,” he said, adding NIIT will continue to train the students up to march 2021 and will help students make best use of their time while being home amid COVID-19 pandemic”.