97% people deprived of rights by 3% vote mafia in last 70 years, alleges Renzushah

Chairman Kashmir Society International (KSI) Farooq Renzushah on Sunday stated that 3% “vote mafia” in Kashmir region has been depriving 97% of people from their rights for the past 70 years on one or the other pretext.

Obviously hitting out at the mainstream parties of the Kashmir, Renzushah said that they have only shown people dreams in these years and have exploited the sentiments of the people for their personal gains. 

Terming the mainstream leaders as the killers of democracy, he appealed people not to vote for them.

“Time has come that 100% people of Kashmir cast their vote to elect scholars, literary personalities, cultural icons, believers of love, unity, brotherhood and Nizam-e-Sufiyat,” the KSI chairman said while addressing media persons here.  

Referring to what he termed as vote mafia, Renzushah said, “World is witness to this fact that on the one hand, it has been selling dreams of plebiscite, Azadi, making Kashmir Pakistan, autonomy, self-rule and on the other, its leaders have left no stone unturned to earn money from misusing Waqf properties, J&K Bank, Hawala channels, MGNREGA, Rural development and other GoI schemes.

He said that this “opportunist vote mafia” has destroyed the culture of Sufiyat that existed in Valley until taken over by corrupt leaders and Babus.     

Renzushah said that instead of letting the corrupt politicians exploit people, the common Kashmiri should exercise his right of vote to elect better leaders of their choice.