Academic stagnation in Kashmir colleges marring students' career: Masoodi

National Conference MP Hasnain Masoodi on Saturday expressed concern over the “academic gridlock” in different colleges across the Kashmir, after interacting with a group of students.

In a statement, Masoodi said he was apprised that over the past several years, it has become a new normal for the Kashmir University to grant a purportedly three year’s degree in five years.

“He was informed that their contemporaries in corresponding batches from Cluster University and IUST Awantipura complete their degree in time, which leaves them depressed and desolate,” said the statement.

It said the students further informed Masoodi that the argument put forth by authorities blaming prevailing conditions were groundless and unfounded, since all Universities in Kashmir have been functioning under similar operative conditions.

Masoodi expressed concern at the fact that instead of three regular batches of three successive years that should normally be undergoing a bachelor’s degree course at any given point of time, it has become a routine to have four to five regular batches caught in this conundrum.

“This naturally affects the quality of teaching imparted in our degree colleges, which are ideally equipped to handle only three regular batches at a time. Apart from this, wastage of precious time of our youth is painful and would have far reaching consequences on the careers of our future generations,” Masoodi said.

He urged University of Kashmir and higher education departments to address the issue of “academic stagnation” that has compounded over years and salvaged the career of college students, on high priority.

He stressed that post COVID19, UGC recommendations for salvaging careers of college students should be graciously implemented, ensuring that a three-year course finishes in time.