ACB arrests FCS&CA employee Rs 260 cr misappropriation case

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on Thursday arrested Rakesh Kumar Pargal, then Chief Supervisor, FCI Godown, Udhampur and former Incharge Vigilance Squad in Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs (FCS&CA) in  a case of misappropriation of Rs 260 crores.

A statement said the arrest was made while proceeding further into investigation of the case (FIR No.01/2020) registered  for misappropriation of Rs 260 crores in CA&PD, Udhampur on account of cost of wheat grains, transportation charges, labour charges and grinding charges drawn  on the basis of fictitious and false bills.

The statement said the accused in connivance with other public servants and mill owners, transport contractors abused their official position and thereby dishonestly and fraudulently conferred undue pecuniary advantage upon themselves.

The statement said Pargal was chief supervisor of the FCI godown, Udhampur at the time of commission of crime. The accused was initially appointed as daily wager in September 1984 in TSO office, Chenani and remained posted in AD office Udhampur, Chief Supervisor, FCS&CA, FCI godownUdhampur, said the statement.