Admin fixes rates for 7 mining plans in Anantnag

Rate Committee, Anantnag Mining Plan today fixed rates for 7 mining plans that have been e- auctioned earlier.

The Committee that met under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner, K.K Sidha held thread bare discussions on the rate fixation and later on approved rates for the above.

The rates per cubic foot finalized for the 07 mining plans include sand at the rate of Rs 31per Cft, Nalla Bolder at the rate of Rs 08, Nallah Makh Rs. 07, crusher Bajri Rs.23,Nallah Bajri Rs.08,Ordinary clay Rs.03 per Cft and  Rubber stone at the rate of Rs.08.   

The DC asked the DMO to activate his field functionaries for effective monitoring so that no extraction is carried out beyond the permissible limits.