Admin yet to announce COVID19 vaccine policy: Saifuddin Soz

File Photo of Saifuddin Soz

Former union minister Saifuddin Soz Monday said that Jammu and Kashmir administration was silent on how COVID19 vaccine would be provided to the people in Jammu and Kashmir.

A statement of Soz issued here quoted him as saying that the people were genuinely worried as to how the distribution would take place.

“The old practice in this respect has been that any vaccination in the past was provided by medical teams Mohalla-wise. The teams would arrive in Mohallas and render the service. This is what happened in respect of vaccines for the treatment of measles and small pox,” Soz said in the statement. “I hope that very practice would be adopted for providing COVID19 vaccine. That is the only way overcrowding and hassle at hospitals would be avoided.”

He said that J&K government should announce its policy immediately so that people stop worrying about the provision of this facility.

“That way alone people can provide their opinions also,” he said. “This is all the more necessary because of snow in Kashmir and parts of Jammu province and the sooner J&K administration announces its policy, the better.”