AFSPA caused destruction, deepest alienation in Kashmir: Soz

AFSPA caused destruction, deepest alienation in Kashmir: Soz

Says law must be scrapped

Former Union Minister and senior Congress leader, Prof Saifuddin Soz on Monday said that Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA) has caused death and destruction in Kashmir and is the main factor responsible for deepest alienation of Kashmiris, particularly, the youth.

“Through a mail today, I cautioned Nirmala Sitaraman defence minister of India that in view of the fact that the draconian law – the AFSPA is the root cause of   death and destruction in the Valley. The long period of promulgation i.e. 28 years since 10thSeptember, 1990, must be revoked in larger public interest,” Soz said in a statement.

“I suggested that the immediate action that she could take was to hold a meeting with former home ministers and defence ministers of India on this issue,” he said, adding “I reminded her that the premier investigating agency of India, the CBI had itself gone to the Supreme Court of India on 19th March, 2012 against misuse of this law,” Soz said.

“Since some officers have gone to the Supreme Court of India to defend their case on continuance of AFSPA, she had perhaps, rightly advised them that there were institutional mechanisms available to them. I asked her, if the institutional mechanisms were available to the army, why not to the people of Kashmir?,” he said.

“She should bring Kashmir’s mainstream leadership face to face with the generals, so that she would be better informed on what has been happening in Kashmir!,” Soz added.