Agriculture technocrats resent delay in promotion orders

Greater Kashmir

Anger is brewing among the employees of Agriculture department against what they said lackadaisical approach of the department towards their career.

The Junior Agriculture Extension Officers of Kashmir Division are aggrieved against Agriculture Order No. 427/Estt of 2019 Dated 09/12/2019; Agriculture Order No. 144/Esst of 2020 Dated: 12/05/2020 & Agriculture Order Nos. 145/Esst of 2020, Dated: 14/05/2020.

The rescinding of promotion orders of Kashmir-based Agriculture Technocrats on two occasions has led to hue and cry in the Department.

The affected officers said that an employee from Jammu was pressurizing the department using his political influence.

“The official does not fall in the merit list as he is at serial No. 428,” a delegation of employees said.

A tentative seniority list of Agriculture Extension Assistants of Kashmir was notified vide Agriculture Order No. 297/Estt. of 2018 Dated: 26.09.2018 for which objections were invited from the aggrieved officials with regard to various issues which have been disposed off on their merits and necessary corrections were also made as per the rules in vogue.

A final seniority list was framed and notified by way of Agriculture Order No. 31/Estt of 2019 Dated: 14.01.2019, strictly in accordance to the CSR 1956 and Special Provisions Act 2010.

Meanwhile 147 Agriculture Extension Assistants were elevated as Junior Agriculture Extension Officers through Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) while implementing SRO-442 strictly in accordance to the SRO-375 and as per the seniority already framed.

The orders for the same were issued vide Agriculture Order Nos. 377/Esst of 2019, 378/Esst of 2019 Dated: 05/11/2019 & 413/Esst of 2019 Dated 03/12/2019.

“But immediately a false campaign was launched against Director Agriculture Kashmir’s move. However, the fact is that the whole process of DPC strictly adhered to the SRO-375 and no rule was violated during the process. The move to keep the Agriculture Order Nos. 377/Esst of 2019, 378/Esst of 2019 Dated: 05/11/2019 & 413/Esst of 2019 Dated 03/12/2019 in abeyance is injustice with Agriculture fraternity of Kashmir,” an official said.

Later, Principal Secretary Agriculture Production Department communicated to the Directors Agriculture Kashmir and Jammu vide No Agri/NG/Prom/84/2018-I Dated: 29/04/2020 to proceed in the matter of elevation of AEAs/equivalent to the post of JAEOs within their defined quota strictly in terms of SRO-442 of 2017.

Director Agriculture, Jammu was further directed to conduct the DPC of AEAs/equivalent to divisional level for considering promotion of eligible candidates strictly adhering to the seniority list.

Principal Secretary Agriculture, Navin Choudhary mobile was continuously switched off.

In pursuance to the instructions communicated by the Principal Secretary Agriculture Production Department, the Director Agriculture Kashmir issued the order to restore the Order No.s 377/Estt of 2019, Dated 05/11/2019, 378/Esst of 2019 Dated: 05/11/2019 & 413/Esst of 2019 Dated: 03/12/2019 vide Agriculture Order No. 133/Esst of 2020 Dated: 09/05/2020, the posting order for the same was also issued vide Agriculture Order No. 134/Esst of 2020 Dated: 09/05/2020.

“Now the department has send a fresh communication vide No Agri/NG/Prom/84/2018-I, Dated: 12/05/2020 to rescind the Agriculture Order No. 133 & 134/Esst of 2020 Dated: 09/05/2020. On reception of the communication Director Agriculture Kashmir not only rescinded the Agriculture Order No. 133 & 134/Esst of 2020 Dated: 09/05/2020 vide Agriculture Order Nos. 144/Esst of 2019, Dated: 12/05/2020 but also rescinded the Agriculture Order Nos. 92 & 98/Esst of 2019, Dated: 28/02/2019 & 01/03/2019 respectively vide Agriculture Order No. 145/Esst of 2020, Dated: 14/05/2020 which were issued more than a year ago,” the official said.

The officials appealed the Lieutenant Governor to look into the matter compassionately.