Ahead of Eid, city centre markets abuzz with shoppers

Markets across city-centre areas of the summer capital on Sunday were abuzz with shoppers after two days of shutdown.

In run up to the Eid, people in large numbers were seen making purchases. The huge rush caused traffic jams at several places especially in the afternoon and evening hours. The weekly ‘Sunday market’ from TRC Junction to Hari Singh High Street was thronged by shoppers to purchase clothes, accessories, kids wear, home decoration and utensils displayed by vendors.

Chief spokesperson, Kashmir Economic Alliance Farhan Kitab said the city centre markets remained open on Sunday in view of huge rush of shoppers making purchases for upcoming Eid-ul-fitr.

“Sales have started picking up as people are making purchases. Women shoppers are more in numbers. Children’s products as usual are in demand,” Kitab said. “Most people are making limited purchases and not spending lavishly,” Kitab added.

Purchase of home furnishing and home decoration products ahead of forthcoming Eid is also a common sight. “Products such as dry fruit bowls, paintings, wall art, flower vases are among the popular goods,” said a vendor Farooq Ahmad.

Ahead of Eid, furnishing shops are also witnessing considerable footfalls. “Since there is a drop in sales during Ramadhan, a boom in purchase of home furnishing is witnessed just ahead of Eid every year,” said owner of a furnishing showroom.

Meanwhile, the most popular selling products ahead of Eid are mobile phones, especially touch screen smart phones. Despite an increase in their taxes, sales of electronic devices has also picked up. “Packaged dry fruits available at super markets are finding many takers. With rise in temperatures, many are opting to stock up their refrigerators with juices and ice-creams,” said a trader. Many shopkeepers are offering freebies such as gifts to attract maximum customers to their shops, he said.  

Meanwhile, many shoppers also complained of overpricing, especially that of food items. However, officials of Consumer Affairs Public Distribution said they were doing frequent market checking in order to prevent profiteering.