Ascent holds discussion on Draft National Edu Policy, 2019

Ascent Group Study Circle in collaboration with HELP Foundation, J&K on Friday held a discussion on the Draft National Education Policy (DNEP), 2019.

According to a statement, a cross section of academicians, school and college teachers and civil society members participated in the discussion.

“The draft policy over emphasises’ on the neo-liberal market orientation to commodify education and make it more inaccessible to the children of the poor and marginal groups,” chairman ASCENT Group, Mohammad Shafi Pandit said, according the statement.

“The over centralisation through the bodies like Rashtra Shikshan Ayog hampers the concurrent status of education. The autonomy of various bodies as well as the autonomy of the state of Jammu and Kashmir also comes under threat. This centralisation on the one hand neglects the local contexts and modes of learning-teaching while on other side curtails the freedom to research.”

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is still trying to bring more and more students into higher education and the draft recommendation of ‘consolidation’ in terms of having larger multi-disciplinary institutions goes against the idea of more inclusive access to good quality education and a focus on specialisation, he said.