Ashwani Chrungoo warns against opening of schools in JK

Senior BJP leader Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo on Wednesday warned against opening of schools in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The vulnerability of the children cannot be exposed and they need to be trained further in the virtual classes,” Chrungoo said in a statement.

He said the examinations and tests in modern and current context were no benchmarks of abilities at all levels and promotions to the new classes or semesters need to be considered wherever possible.

“I make a request to the administration to convert the lockdown period for the educational institutions into the summer break holidays and wait for the opportune time to review opening of schools,” he added.

Expressing hope that Jammu and Kashmir provinces should be treated at par in all matters by the government, Chrungoo said: “Kashmir and Jammu regions are by and large on equal footing though one may have a larger area or a larger population. There is no room left for now to distinguish between the two in any area of interest and common good.”