Attempts being made to divert attention from core issues: Masoodi

National Conference, MP Hasnain Masoodi cautioned people against efforts to divert attention from core challenges of far reaching consequence confronted J&K in the wake of abrogation of its special status.

In a statement, Masoodi said the twin strategies followed to divert attention from abrogation of special status, Reorganization Act and steps like delimitation and domicile law taken under the Act, though facing a serious challenge before the Apex Court, are to magnify day to day problems and give the routine decisions colour of achievements and use the response as indicator of public approval of August 5 decisions, and secondly to sow the seeds of despair and disillusionment.

“The recent developments on the political horizon of J&K are part of the second limb of the strategy. What is unfolding appears to have been scripted a year ago. It is stated that while everyone is free to take decisions about his life including change in his profession and nobody can have a say or take an exception, but same may not be true when someone quits his position to protest what he calls against “unabated killings in Kashmir, lack of sincere outreach, insidious attacks on the special identity and culture of intolerance and hate in the name of hyper nationalism”,” said Masoodi.

He said complaints of being painted anti-national does not carry weight as senior political leaders including three former Chief Minister were in detention and otherwise painted “anti-national but nobody quit as they are convinced that their struggle is to uphold the supremacy of the Constitution, no matter how it is painted.”

The statement said the proposed legal framework to provide for land rights, like domicile law would be meaningless in absence of constitutional backing as was evident from the challenge thrown to Domicile Order and Procedure and that restoration of August 4 position was the only way forward.

Meanwhile the party spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar expressed dismay over the non compliance of J&K High Court orders by the former Deputy Chief Minister and BJP leader Nirmal Singh, who in spite of the orders barring public from construction around defense works was moving to newly constructed house near Army ammunition depot in Jammu.