Attempts being made to mislead people on Art 370 demand: Soz

File Photo of Saifuddin Soz

Senior Congress leader Prof Saif Ud Din Soz on Friday said a “section of administration and vested interests” has started a campaign to mislead people on the demand for restoration of Jammu and Kashmir’s special position.

“The vested interests and a section of the administration, is deliberately misleading public opinion on the question of the J&K state’s special status and its restoration,” Soz said, in a statement.

“What the people of the state demand is the restoration of Article 370 or its exact statutory equivalent. What a section of administration in the state speaks of, is the restoration of statehood from Union Territory back to the status of state, which is a deliberate attempt to mislead the people of the state,” Soz said.

He said it was a “folly” on the part of the Central government to have reduced the status of the J&K state into a Union Territory. “They may or may not correct this folly but the people of the state essentially want restoration of the political status under Article 370 or its exact equivalent,” said Soz.