Bandipora town stinks with garbage dumped in the open

Residents fear outbreak of disease as municipal officers look the other way

Residents of Bandipora town in north Kashmir are up in arms against the municipal authorities for dumping solid and non-biodegradable waste in the open, risking lives of the people.

Residents resent the heaps of garbage that can be seen in the open in Auto Stand of the main market place and other areas of Bandipora town frequented by people every day.

“The garbage dumped out in the open produces such bad smell that it becomes difficult for us to even stand near the Auto-stand,” said Neelofar, a resident.

“It has affected our health badly.”

She said residents have to face this problem on a daily basis as the Municipal Committee of Bandipora (MCB) does not remove the garbage for dumping away from busy market and residential areas.

Residents are demanding either the Auto-stand be shifted to some other place or MCB acts to remove this garbage for dumping elsewhere scientifically. 

“The area should be sanitised to avoid an outbreak of any disease as the area gives a stinky smell which has made things difficult for us,” said a resident.

Imtiyaz Ahmad, an auto-rickshaw driver said that they have to face a lot of difficulties due to the solid waste being dumped in the stand located in the main market of the town.

“We have apprised the concerned authorities several times and requested not to dump solid waste in the open here but they have turned a deaf ear to our repeated pleas,” Ahmad said. 

“Passengers hesitate to even come to the Auto-stand as the garbage dumped here produces a bad smell. The municipal committee has put our lives to risk and many drivers and even passengers have taken ill several times.” 

Residents also complain of heaps of garbage dumped in the open near Fire and Emergency Services office, district court complex and outside agriculture office of Bandipora district. 

“It has become difficult for us to even pass by these areas as the garbage dumped near these important places produce such bad smell. We have to keep our mouths covered in order to pass by these areas,” another resident said.

Additional Deputy Commissioner for Bandipora, Zahoor Ahmad said he would look into the matter and take action.