Baramulla village without road for 10 years

A village located just 6 km from Baramulla town is craving for better roads for the past 10 years.

The residents of village Chakloo said that the inner links to the village have not been macadamised for the past 10 years creating hardships for entire population of the area.

Locals said the 3-km road connecting village Chakloo with the Baramulla-Handwara highway was in shambles.

They said the road had not been blacktopped and repaired for 10 years now.

“The administration carried macadamisation of 1 km road in 2010 but left it without proceeding further,” they said.

Mubashir Ahmad, a local said 1 km of the road was macadamised in 2018 but no onward work was carried out.

“Resultantly, the macadamised 1-km road stretch too developed potholes and cracks,” he said.

Another resident, Noor-ul-Haq said the main road connecting the village to the highway was in a dilapidated condition and needed immediate blacktopping.

“The road is an important link for people, mostly students of the area to reach schools and colleges located in the area,” he said. “Five schools are functioning in the area and the dilapidated condition of the road has become a nuisance for students, locals and other commuters.”

The road is also important for people associated with agricultural and horticultural activities as it is the only road that connects them with orchards, paddy fields in the village outskirts and Sopore Fruit Mandi.