BJP, 'its ilk' trying to alter institutions: NC

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National Conference (NC) Friday said that the BJP and RSS in collusion with few sections of “flawed bureaucracy” were trying their level best to alter the working of institutions in J&K.

“Ever since BJP came to power at New Delhi, it has lived up to its credo which is to shear the country of its plural ethos and diversity,” NC’s additional spokeswoman Sarah Hayat Shah said in a statement issued here.

“Ever since BJP came to power, it has been on a rampage to bent country’s institutions towards their will. The BJP didn’t even hesitate to play with democracy and weaken the duly established government during the persisting COVID19 crisis. We also saw how media outlets and journalists were targeted and investigative stories killed. Even the academic field wasn’t spared and universities trespassed, infiltrated, text books rewritten to favor a Hindutva-centric slant. The newest causality has been the democratic process of elections,” she said.