BJP made 2019 poll ugliest since independence: Soz

Forces violating SOP due to lethal AFSPA, says Soz

Former union minister Prof  Saif-ud-Din Soz today alleged that the BhartiyaJanata Party (BJP) leaders have made  2019 election the ugliest  since the independence of India.

 He said the Election Commission of India (ECI) too has shown itself in poor light.

“When Sunil Arora was appointed as Chief Election Commissioner of India certain people had apprehended that it would not be possible for him to be steadfast on set norms of the Commission. In that connection, they had also mentioned the extensions in service he had been given by the present dispensation from one superannuation to another,” the statement stated.

“I do not like to believe such critics even today. But my assessment on the performance of the ECI is that it has shown a kind of partisan attitude in the discharge of its duty. When it decided to lodge an FIR against Pragya Thakur, the other day, I was disgusted to see that ECI had not shown its nerve to deal with the terror accused Pragya on bail under the law fully,” Soz said.

He said, “The broader question is that the ECI had not even bated its eyes on PM Modi and Amit Shah, who have been promoting extremely sectarian narrative in utter disregard of the Constitution of India.”

“Hasn’t PM Modi been bringing in armed forces in his continuous narrative around Pulwama, Balakot and the like? Haven’t the duo brought in sectarian Hindutva ideology during their election campaign in the fullest possible manner?,” the statement stated.

“The ECI has tried to practically show that PM Modi and Amit Shah are entities above law of the land! The ECI should also verify factors on whether or not Amit Shah is a murder-accused,” Soz said.

He said, “As for terror  accusedPragya, the Commission’s FIR against her is not its adequate response to her open propagation of sectarian Hindutva, her disrespect to the constitution of India by clear communal reference to Babri Masjid and derogatory and unlawful remarks against HemantKarkare. All this has not constituted any serious offence in the eyes of the ECI.”