BJP's Thakur hits out at Muzaffar Shah

Bhartiya Janata Party chief spokesman, Altaf Thakur on Monday hit out at Awami National Conference Vice President Muzaffar Shah after the party filed a case against several BJP leaders for remarks over “Gupkar Declaration.”

In a statement, Thakur said Shah has “grown older and is a failed politician, left with no option other than to take steps in haste to stay relevant.”  Thakur said Shah has never contested elections and just a few people know him in Kashmir.

“He is left with no option other than accusing BJP top leaders with something they have never done. This reflects Muzaffar Shah’s frustration and his failure in politics,” Thakur said, adding leaders like Jitendra Singh, Ravinder Raina, Murli Dhar Rao and Dr Anil were BJP’s grace. “All these leaders are a qualified lot and not like Muzaffar Shah, who has not been able to keep its party intact. The fact remains that ANC is a mother-son party that too with the active support of National Conference.” He said filing an FIR against top BJP leaders will lead Shah in trouble as he will not be able to prove allegations. “I suggest Muzaffar Shah to stay home, relax and give time to his family as he has grown older. Instead of hurling accusations against BJP leaders, he should work towards development of Kashmir,” Thakur said.

Thakur said India belongs to every Kashmiri and there was no threat to any citizen from Valley. “All Kashmiris wherever they are in India are as equal as any Indian citizens and are safe,” he said.