Cancer patients from Kashmir stuck in Mumbai

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Cancer patients from Kashmir have been urging the administration to evacuate them as they are stuck in Mumbai for more than two months.

Over 40 families, attending their cancer patients at Mumbai’s TATA institute are held back for evacuation.

“We are around 40 families stuck in Mumbai paying more than Rs 2000 per day. We came here for Checkup at Tata hospital Mumbai. Our treatment is over but we are stuck here due to ongoing lockdown,” said Gurcharan Singh of Srinagar.

“Any eventuality can happen if the cancer patients continue to live under these circumstances,” he said.

Singh said they have completed formalities and registered their names on Google doc format generated by the government for evacuation of the stranded people outside J&K.

“But there is no update from Government about any arrangement of train or special flights for the cancer patients,” he said.

The stranded Kashmiris said they approached the government offices number of time but in vain. The patients went to Mumbai in last week of February and had scheduled return flight in last week of March.

“But the flights got cancelled due to lockdown. But now the administration is putting lives of cancer patients at risk by delaying the evacuation. Government should prioritize it,” Gurcharan Singh said.

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir PandurangKondbarao Pole said the evacuation of patients was given a priority by the government.

“Medical emergency is a priority and we will evacuate them (cancer patients) in trains within a week’s time,” he said.