CCIK decries Wakf notices to tenants

Greater Kashmir

Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industries-Kashmir (CCIK) on Thursday expressed anguish over reports that J&K Wakf Board has issued notices to tenants describing rented out spaces to them as “illegal occupation.”

In a statement the CCIK said the tenants have been directed to submit their claims that their occupation was legal or else it would be deemed by the Wakf that these properties have been “grabbed” by them.

“The notice seems to have been issued in a hurry and without proper application of mind. The CCIK is surprised and astonished by the notice as it being extremely harsh. If, in the opinion of the officials of Wakf there are certain space grabbers it was for them to identify them and take legal recourse against them,” said the statement.

It said painting all the tenants with the same brush was unwarranted, misplaced and insulting. “This is being done by the Wakf in these stressful COVID times. This perhaps may not be the correct approach. It is pure harassment,” said the statement.

The CCIK has suggested to the Administrative Council that the Wakf Board of Trustees be formed sooner than later, which will “at least give it a human face and democratic feel.”

“This might perhaps satisfy the people that they will get respite from such a bureaucratic approach,” said the statement.