Chattabal declared red zone

All entries and exits to Chattabal area here were sealed on Monday after authorities declared it containment zone in the wake of several COVID 19 cases reported the area.

District Magistrate, Srinagar Shahid Iqbal Choudhary, who issued an order in this regard, said the sealing of the area was aimed at preventing spread of the coronavirus infection out of this area.

He said it was also aimed at enabling smooth conduct of the survey in the area being a declared containment zone as ordered by the government.

It is notable that the proposed survey was aimed at determining whether the infection has spread in the area and whether there was a need for isolating any of its residents.

Choudhary said a plan has been formulated for ensuring smooth supplies of essential commodities and services in the area, adding the same will be done under supervision to ensure strict adherence to the sealing order. He said medical teams will also move in the area under strict supervision.