Chief Justice Gita Mittal issues instructions for streamlining hearing of cases

File Photo of Gita Mittal

The Chief Justice of J&K High Court, Justice Gita Mittal, on Tuesday issued some instructions to streamline the hearing of the listed cases in the cause list of the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir.

As per her directions, the weekly cause list shall henceforth be nomenclatured as “Advance List”.

Further, as per the directions of the Chief Justice, the fresh cases (including fresh applications for grant of urgent interim directions) for next day listing shall be listed in the Supplementary Cause List.

“The Registry shall draw up a chronological list subject-wise of all admitted matters,” directed the Chief Justice.

“The cases listed in the Advance List shall be taken up by the concerned benches first every morning in both wings of the High Court,” she further directed.

Meanwhile, as per the fresh instructions, the fresh matters for admission and supplementary cause list shall be taken up at the beginning of the second half of the day, whereafter the concerned benches shall take up other cases from the Advance List and remaining cases in the Supplementary list.