Contractual lecturers stage protest

Scores of contractual lecturers held a protest here on Friday, demanding permanent job policy and other service benefits to them.

The lecturers from different districts assembled at Press Enclave to protest against what they called their “exploitation” by Higher Education Department.

The lecturers said some of them have been working as contractual lecturers for more than a decade.

“Many of us have completed PhDs; some among us are post doctorates while others have qualified NET. But our future is still in lurch. There are some among us who have been working with the department for more than a decade,” said one of the lecturers.

“We have given our youth to the department. Most of us have already crossed the age bar, but each time our pleas to seek a permanent job policy for us fell on deaf ears,” said Aftab Ahmed, one of the protesting lecturers.

He asked if the State Government can absorb 40,000 ReTs what was preventing it from forming a job policy for 1500 contractual lectures.

The protesting lecturers said that over the years they were being “exploited” and not paid as per the UGC guidelines.

“It is ironic that government strictly follows UGC guidelines while appointing us, but the same guidelines are trashed by the department when it comes to our job security and salaries,” said another protesting lecturer.

These lecturers said if their demands were not fulfilled they will start mass protests. “The responsibility will squarely lie with the Government,” the lecturers said.