Convene All Party Meet: PC to PM Modi

Peoples Conference (PC) senior vice president Abdul Gani Vakil Thursday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to end political uncertainty and immediately call an All-Party Meeting on the prevailing situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing party workers at his residence in Srinagar, Vakil said it was unfortunate that Government of India (GoI) had failed to address uncertainly and chaos, harassment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir including politicians even depriving them of security cover.

He said current political uncertainty, alienation among the youth, and increasing unemployment could explode in anger if the Prime Minister fails to initiate a political dialogue with mainstream parties in the region.

“PM Modi should share his roadmap for development in Kashmir rather than alienating people with different tactics. The vicious circle of political uncertainty must end. There is incompetent management in administration that has disturbed masses,” Vakil said. He also welcomed the peace process and friendly atmosphere between India and Pakistan and that was the only way for peace in the region.

“Every problem can be resolved by means of dialogue,” Vakil said.