Coordination Committee civil secretariat employees calls on Chief Secretary

Members of Coordination Committee, civil secretariat employees on Monday called on Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam, and briefed him about concerns of the section of the employees with regard to COVID19 pandemic.

Rouf Ahmad Bhat, President Non-Gazetted Employees Union (Chairman Coordination Committee) along with Maqbool Hussain, President lower grade employees and Hilal Ahmad Bhat, General Secretary, Civil Secretariat Non-Gazetted Employees Union appealed to the Chief Secretary for augmentation/establishment of winter secretariat here to accommodate the employees who have genuine concerns for their retention due to COVID19 pandemic.

The Committee also appraised the Chief Secretary for making the testing facility available at civil secretariat as well as district headquarters for secretariat employees and their families proceeding to Jammu on due date with advance party and also for those availing special leave. Besides, the Chief Secretary was also requested for hiring of special hotels at Jammu with mess facilities and other essential requirements like medicine oxygen facility in case any of the civil secretariat employee(s) or his/her family member get affected by COVID19 during the winter session.

In addition, the Chief Secretary was also requested for availability of COVID related facilities along with two fully equipped ambulances with civil secretariat dispensary, Jammu, in case of emergency which may arise due to COVID19 pandemic. 

After patient hearing, the Chief Secretary assured the delegation for considering the genuine grievances. Mohammad Afzal, Arshad Hussain and Muhammad Syed (executive members of the Committee) also participated in the meeting.